Learning coding on the street….

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Champion stories: Joel starts a Dojo for refugees in Kampala, Uganda” – the sort of story of starting “something from nothing” talked about in the book Stone Soup from Bill Liao. The Learning Street promotes such learning experiences to a membership community of lifelong learners…

The Learning Street here and here www.thelearningstreet.net and on facebook





Vienna Hub CoWorking

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pilot event, went well, next ones:-

Aux Gazelles 5.3

Blue Box 26.2

Freiraum 19.2

Mama Mia again 1130 to 1400 ( Dublin Cafe does not open until 16:00 hrs )  12.2

booking here

eLibrary update

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fresh in from Uganda

“Hello Nigel,
Warm Greetings!
We’re sorry for the communication gap, but we’re doing really well with the website and putting final touches, we also updated the proposal and it’s going to be emailed soon.
Happy weekend!

more here


Impano Update

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new in from Imapno today

“There is a champion of young children we are playing, and I would like to tell you that our football academy from #ImpanoDeveloperInitiativeOrganization scored 4 out of zero of the team we were playing with. We are now leading the champion. I will share some photos in some minutes to come. Keep connecting us so that we can get good clothes or uniform as well as shoes for our children.”

more here


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There are 3 million people in Kamapla, Uganda… and growing.  Over 2 million of these people live in slums without running water.  2 million people who share just 1,000 flushable toilets.  (For comparison, there are over 1,000 toilets and urinals in a single 50,000 person  football stadium, and more than 1 toilet per person in a typical Western European city).  The government solution for these citizens is pit latrines.  The citizens find them so horrible that most choose to defecate in the streets, putting their feces in plastic bags and tossing them across the slums as far as away as possible, often on to neighbors rooftops or behind their homes.
JOLEX has a different plan.  They are building clean, sanitary facilities with flushable toilets and
showers.  The first of these was built and opened in November 2016.

…. more in doc here – 3 Fledgling Case Studies

First Thursday

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Come and meet other people with passion. First Thursday of month. Aux Gazelles

July 5th 2018 – Focus on Women with Passion from 19:19 to 20:21

and from 18:18 some Table Booths from other members showing what they are up to


Routes-Europe 2018, Closing Moments

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and 99 Red Balloons of  hope, love and inspiration….