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Radlobby – Vienna Hub StreetPark for Bikes

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In Wien engagiert sich die Radlobby Wien für das Alltagsradfahren. Wir treffen uns am ersten Donnerstag jeden Monats zum offenen Gedankenaustausch über die Radfahrsituation in Wien und zur Planung konkreter Aktionen, die das Klima und die Infrastruktur für Radfahrende in dieser Stadt verbessern sollen. Alle interessierten RadfahrerInnen sind herzlich eingeladen!

Komm zur Jour Fixe – wir freuen uns immer über neue MacherInnen! Beim “Jour-Fixe” werden aktuelle Projekte und Aktionen präsentiert und diskutiert, Erfahrungen zum Thema Radverkehrspolitik und Radinfrastruktur ausgetauscht, Informationen präsentiert und die Aufgaben bei Veranstaltungen organisiert. JedeR kann sich je nach Interesse, Erfahrung und Zeitbudget einbringen!

Nächste Jour Fixe-Termine – siehe unten!

Treffpunkt: Amerlinghaus, EG-Saal, Stiftgasse 8, 1070

Donnerstag, 04.04.2019, 19:00 Uhr


can we perhaps implement:-



Even in Amsterdam, replacing parking space for 🚗 with space for 🚲🚲🚲🚲🚲🚲🚲🚲 leads to revolt.

see facebook


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“Uplifting this world through love and action”

Vienna Hub kids-for-peace-kanyanya

This is indeed the type of uplifting news that I love to receive:-
From Ruth, Mar 2, 2019, 6:58 PM (9 hours ago)
I have kindly attached to you two documents that volunteers need
to know on regard to the football project.

Thank you!
Kind Regards,
Mutuzo Ruth
Kids for peace kanyanya organization

Women with Passion

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Women with Passion on WordPress  / Facebook – group / page


View on Issuu here

Art Show Concept:- “to spread the message find your passion, find happiness….” Happy Women ( and Men ) and on reverse side the reasons WHY, as in where and how they are following their own version of GREAT DREAM ! Hanging in shop windows, foyers and under shop signs in the street, for International Womens Day and up to and around International Day of Happiness… ( to achieve intention of seeing more happy smiling faces on the street – fb Intro “I want my son and daughter to see more smiling people as they walk down the street” ) Other venues might includ The Impact Hub and Regus as multiplicators…

Slide Show here

samples  here, Radina – HellenHannah

front                                                                                  reverse

Women with Passion 2019 (1)                   Women with Passion 2019

Women with Passion 2019 (5)                   Women with Passion 2019 (6)

Women with Passion 2019 (3)                   Women with Passion 2019 (4)

first we had lemonaid, then band aid, live aid and now perhaps st!art aid – instead of lots of people in one location we have 3000 locations with 100 people, all on March 8th… what a cool idea…. to celebrate women and happiness, via passion… each location prints the 9 women images, and their background info, and mounts 3 x 3 in the form of a mobile for local hanging in freespace off a ceiling hook or similar structure…. sample shots coming soon, interested to take part, there’s a google spreadsheet to add your information

sample shot


27459614_146796332698576_7262184163960317676_n (2)



Learning coding on the street….

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Champion stories: Joel starts a Dojo for refugees in Kampala, Uganda” – the sort of story of starting “something from nothing” talked about in the book Stone Soup from Bill Liao. The Learning Street promotes such learning experiences to a membership community of lifelong learners…

The Learning Street here and here and on facebook




Vienna Hub CoWorking

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Weekly on Tuesday Lunchtime around 12:00 to 13:30. Typical/Home Venues Aux Gazelles and Mama Mia, but we travel around as well….. Hope to C U there one DAY

April 2nd … Happy Cafe Al Chile! – facebook

Mama Mia 26th March … facebook

Freiraum 19th ( facebook event )


12th March  Mama Mia from 1130 to 1300 ( facebook event )


Aux Gazelles 5th March


so good i felt compelled to write about it

Mama Mia – 26th Feb


Freiraum 19th


Mama Mia 12th

Mama Mia 5th

pilot event, went well, next ones:-

Aux Gazelles 5.3

Blue Box NO! – 26.2 Mama Mia again 1130 to 1400 ( BB does not open until 16:00 hrs )

Freiraum 19.2

Mama Mia again 1130 to 1400 ( Dublin Cafe does not open until 16:00 hrs )  12.2

booking here

eLibrary update

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fresh in from Uganda

“Hello Nigel,
Warm Greetings!
We’re sorry for the communication gap, but we’re doing really well with the website and putting final touches, we also updated the proposal and it’s going to be emailed soon.
Happy weekend!

more here