The focus is on coaching happy and successful people towards more happiness and more success. This is done through:-

a. Personal Coaching

Uncover your passion, which leads to happiness.  We will a. discuss how to define , measure, compare and increase happiness,  b. discuss passion, and c. create and follow a plan to increase your happiness

Special Offer

b. Business Coaching

This coaching follows a simple process a. clarify your goal and key objectives,  b. brainstorm strategies and tactics,  c.  follow through

c. CV Coaching:-

all about getting from A to B, via C!
together we define A, define B, and define C.

Special Offer – Vienna Hub CV Coaching Special

” think like a sports professional  and engage  now to get yourself in even better shape.”

– more information as required… contact nigel

Vienna Hub – coaching feedback pdf

Vienna Hub – coaching bio pdf

FastSt!ART – print it, fill it, email it back 🙂


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